Welcome to Unity Church in Norman!
Blessed by our diversity and empowered by God’s love, we seek to live the principles of Truth as revealed by our Way-Shower, Jesus Christ.

We’re glad you’re here.

Dr. Cindy Flor-Lambert Spiritual Leader

Dr. Cindy Flor-Lambert
Spiritual Leader

Are you spiritual but haven’t found a church that fits? If so, we invite you to try Unity. Unity Church in Norman:

  • Celebrates the Divinity within each person regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation;
  • Honors the Truth in all spiritual paths and all religions;
  • Understands that spiritual growth is not about someone telling you what to believe, but is an inside-out process — discovering the power that is within you.

We invite you to explore the prayerful and powerful path that is Unity.

If you’re new to us, you may want to watch the videos below and read more about Unity on these pages: What is Unity?  ♥ Unity’s 5 Basic Principles ♥  Is Unity a Church?How Unity BeganLearn More About Unity.


Life is Calling
Reach Higher

July, 2014

July 6 – Know It Well – It is one thing to know a principle, another to apply it.

July 13 – The Power of God – The Power behind all things is without limit, but in working for us It must work through us. We use this Power to expand consciousness.

July 20 – Guard Your Thoughts Carefully – We have the right to choose what we shall induce in Mind.

July 27 – Using the Power of Thought – Every thought sets the fulfillment of its desire in motion in Mind, and Mind sees the thing as already done.

Affirmation for July – As I say “yes” to God and to Life, I know that everything I do is a success of the highest form. I am led, guided and inspired by the Living Spirit of Love and right action to always know what to do, where, and how to do it. I use the Power within me to attract to me all that I need to express and experience life at its fullest. All good is mine now. Thank you God for all.

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