Welcome to Unity Church in Norman!
Blessed by our diversity and empowered by God’s love, we seek to live the principles of Truth as revealed by our Way-Shower, Jesus Christ.

We’re glad you’re here.

Dr. Cindy Flor-Lambert Spiritual Leader

Dr. Cindy Flor-Lambert
Spiritual Leader

Are you spiritual but haven’t found a church that fits? If so, we invite you to try Unity. Unity Church in Norman:

  • Celebrates the Divinity within each person regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation;
  • Honors the Truth in all spiritual paths and all religions;
  • Understands that spiritual growth is not about someone telling you what to believe, but is an inside-out process — discovering the power that is within you.

We invite you to explore the prayerful and powerful path that is Unity.

If you’re new to us, you may want to watch the videos below and read more about Unity on these pages: What is Unity?  ♥ Unity’s 5 Basic Principles ♥  Is Unity a Church?How Unity BeganLearn More About Unity.

 Being on a Spiritual Path

  1. Gives us a greater sense and realization of the growing Good in our lives. It reminds us that if others can demonstrate great things in their lives, so can we.
  2. Connects us with the Wisdom of the Universe to teach us how to create a world around us that works all the time for everybody.
  3. Allows the guidance and direction of God to enhance our inspiration and lead us into a greater freedom to experience our lives.
  4. Creates a feeling of comfort, confidence, strength, and peace of mind to step into our future.
  5. Creates a higher consciousness to recognize the abundance of good that surrounds us.
  6. Opens greater possibilities and opportunities for us in every area of life.
  7. Allows us to dwell upon the magnitude of the Universe and realize that we are a part of the whole and that we are never alone.
  8. Gives us a practical application of how to use God in our lives for our benefit and success.
  9. Puts us into a community of like-minded individuals who support us, encourage us, and uplift us into our greater good.
  10. It puts us in the company of people who are excited about life, happy with who they are, and are the movers and shakers as great examples of what is possible.

Life is Calling…Reach Higher

September, 2014

September 7 – Guest Speaker – Dennis Lewis

September 14 – Observation at Its Finest – Being able to observe what is going on in our lives allows us to fine tune and make up-to-the minute changes before the Cosmic two by four finds us.

September 21 – Cultivate Your Garden – We need to take full responsibility for everything in our lives including what it is that we need to learn in order to move forward in our lives with fun things to look forward to experience.

September 28 – Focus Your Attention on the Connection – First, we need to focus on the connection with our Creator, Infinite Presence. Next, on our connection with ourselves, and, last, with each other. We have to remember that everything matters.

Affirmation: As I say “yes” to God and to life, I know that all I see in my life is important and allows me to more deeply enter into an agreement with God that I can handle any challenge that shows up in my life to assist me in living a greater, grander, more expansive life. I am willing to learn all that I need in order to experience the life I have envisioned for myself. Thank you God for all.

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